Basket Icon Detector

In this project, I've built a Computer Vision model to find basket icons in e-commerces.

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Patrick Alves
·May 25, 2021·

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Basket Icon Detector

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In this project, I've built a Computer Vision model to help a client to detect e-commerces websites.


  • The client had a solution to detect if a website is an e-commerce or not and would like to improve the accuracy of detection.


  • Build a Computer Vision model to detect basket icons on the images.


  • The client takes a screenshot of the main page of the website.
  • I've built an object detection model using Tensorflow to find basket icons on the screenshot image.
  • The model was trained with ~ 3000 images with a diverse set of basket icons.
  • The model accuracy was 95.5%
  • I've built a web app so the client could test the solution.



  • I've created a REST API to serve the model in production and package it all in a Docker container so it can be easily deployed and scaled.

  • The client integrates the API in his solution and improves the e-commerces detection.



Source code


As this is a private project, the source code is not available.

You can check the tools I've used and try them by yourself or just send me a message so we can work together.

Built With

  • Python - Programming Language.
  • Tensorflow - An end-to-end open source platform for machine learning.
  • FastAPI - A web framework for building APIs with Python.
  • Docker - Industry standard for containers.
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